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How Fit Is Your Home?

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The City of Centennial strives for its residents to live comfortably and remain in the community. Therefore, the City encourages residents to learn about adding Universal Design features in their homes as appropriate. Universal Design refers to products and environments that are accessible to all people across the different spectrums of age and ability and allows individuals to live comfortably at any stage of life. For example, installing lever door handles instead of round doorknobs because lever handles are easier to manage when your hands are full or use an adjustable shower head instead of a stationary one because an adjustable showerhead can be used whether you’re sitting or standing.

Centennial has identified the AARP HomeFit Guide as a premier tool for residents and contractors to use as a reference for implementing universal design features. This Guide contains a variety of ideas, information and resources to help people stay in the homes they love by turning where they live into a “lifelong home”.  View the HomeFit Guide on the City’s website to learn more.

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